Proprietary Technology & Intellectual Property

A Strategy For Lasting Value

To ensure the protection of Charleston Laboratories’ products and technologies, we are continually expanding our intellectual property portfolio which is built around a combination of patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets.

Our primary focus is securing broad patent protection for each of our products in the major markets where we intend to commercialize either directly or with our partners. We have developed an extensive portfolio of patents and patent applications with this goal in mind.

Our patent rights cover multiple facets of our product and enabling technologies, including:

  • Composition of analgesic combinations
  • Product characteristics
  • Product use and indication
  • Product manufacturing
  • Abuse deterrence

Currently, Charleston Laboratories has issued patent-pending applications in the US, Europe, and Japan, along with multiple other jurisdictions.

To further build our portfolio, Charleston Laboratories is always exploring opportunities to acquire additional technology rights and intellectual properties that complement our product pipeline and intellectual property strategy.