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    Gary A. Peltz, M.D. Joins Charleston Laboratories, Inc Scientific Advisory Board

    Gary Peltz has been a professor in the medical school at Stanford University since 2008. He received his M.D. and PhD. Degrees from Stanford University, and is ABIM certified as a specialist in Internal Medicine and a sub-specialist in Rheumatology. He invented a computational method that has been used by many investigators to identify causative genetic factors for many biomedical traits in mice. One genetic discovery generated a new treatment that is now being tested in a multi-center NIH-funded clinical study examining whether it will prevent withdrawal in babies born to mothers that consume narcotics. He also developed a novel method for producing mice with ‘humanized livers’, which were used to predict the pattern of human drug metabolism for a drug in development, and to identify human genetic factors affecting drug metabolism. He has recently demonstrated that the use of these mice could improve the safety of drugs that are being developed. He also developed novel methodology for differentiating human stem cells present in fat tissue into hepatic cells, which can be used to regenerate human liver.

    Dr. Gary Peltz’s Curriculum Vitae