Therapeutic Focus

Of all ailments, pain is paramount among all human symptoms.  Pain, the perception of an unpleasant sensation, is known to all people, from infancy through old age, in many different settings, and associated with several medical conditions.  From a clinical point of view, pain is the most common and most demanding of human symptoms to treat.  An individual patient’s pain can vary in severity.  Depending on their tolerance to pain, for some patients painful experiences are mild, not having any major effect on their daily activities or functions.  A minor sprained ankle or a tension-type headache can be mild, for example, responding to non-pharmaceutical interventions and/or non-prescription-strength analgesics. For other patients, however, pain ranges from moderate to severe in intensity, interfering with their quality of life.  Osteoarthritis of the hip or knee, neck and back pain often fall into this category.  For many patients moderate to severe pain can be chronic, lasting longer than 3 months, for example, even years, but for most patients, the pain is episodic, acute, lasting days or 1-2 weeks. Among the different types of acute pain, some diseases (such as severe flare-ups of osteoarthritis) and medical conditions (such as post-operative pain) require prescription-strength, opiate (morphine-like) analgesics.  Pain is a very serious public health issue that keeps medical professionals searching for better ways to treat patients effectively.  It is estimated that the global pain market will surpass $50 billion by 2015 because of an aging patient population, surgeries and an increase in cancer thus driving demand for more efficient pain products.  The pain management markets are dominated by generic drugs including hydrocodone and acetaminophen products; however they are often dose limiting because of unwanted side effects such as nausea and vomiting.

Charleston Laboratories, Inc will focus its research and development efforts to help drive innovation in the global pain market.  Charleston’s novel platform of products includes various analgesics, anti-emetics, strengths, routes of administration and abuse deterrent technologies.