G. Paul Bosse III

Paul Bosse has served as our President and Chief Executive Officer since September, 2007 and has served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors since since September, 2007.  He is a dynamic and highly motivated executive with 11 years of specialty pharmaceutical experience excelling in critical areas of company formation, overall strategy and management. Mr. Bosse also has a strong foundation in sales, marketing, product and business development.  He is the original inventor of Charleston’s novel product concepts and drug delivery platforms as well as the Company’s original founding member. Mr. Bosse has assembled a top tier executive management team and has lead the company through all current milestones including successfully attracting and closing a unique syndicate of investors.  He also positioned the company to obtain an initial seed investment from the State of South Carolina and a federal grant from Human Health Services.  Prior to joining Charleston Laboratories, Inc, Mr. Bosse was the President and Chief Executive Officer of a small start-up specialty pharmaceutical company.  Mr. Bosse holds a BA in Sociology from Samford University.